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aquarium fisk tank ozone generatorWM (32)

Aquarium Fish Tank Ozone Generator


Within the environment of freshwater and saltwater reef type aquariums the injection and addition of controlled dosing utilising ozone (O³) the tanks water can considerably improve not only the efficiency of a protein skimmer but can also drastically raise the ORP – also referred to as Redox potential.

Another key feature when using our ozone generator in your aquarium set up can be noted in the decomposition within the media of toxic nitrite being significantly enhanced whilst the bacteria count present in the water decreases, thus minimising the chance and risk of ill health in the other life forms contained within the aquarium.

The final key benefit is that the compounds that are known to produce yellow colouring within the aquarium are then broken down and thus means the water stays crystal clear.

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Product Description

Ozone Generator 1.4.15

Technical Data

Item Specifications
External Shell Colour Grey
Case Material ABS
Input Voltage AC 240V
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Operating Voltage 12 V DC
Output Variable 0—300 Mg/Hr
Programmable Timer
Option 1 On Permanent 24 Hrs
Option 2 On 60 Mins 4 Hrs off
Option 3 On 90 Mins 4 Hrs off
Option 4 On 120 Mins 4 Hrs off
Suitable for Tank Size 20-500 Litres